2. Hotdoggin it on 696

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    The french art of meme

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  4. I may have added my entire family and friends on my twitter account @hardestpussy

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    ten gigs on that shit? on a flip phone? 10,000 asses on a flip phone? svu operates in a different universe.

    The butt cloud

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    From the Department of You’re Going To Feel Old Today comes a video of children encountering a Game Boy for the first time

    I gotta find my cane

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    This is why females are dominating males

    real shit ^

    In defense …the back is sometimes hard to get for some of us. & if bae is willing to help why not.

    Doing hair for your girl is her dominating you? Damn. I can’t make sure she look straight. Am I dominating her if I let her do my line?


    My bf helped me put in my marley locs and fuck you if you think it’s “unmanly” or whatever fuckshit you’ve got programmed into your mind

    I used  to date a guy who helped me flat iron my hair. And he had learned how to braid while in prison so he braided my hair too.

    Did that make him any less manly? Hell nawl. He still blew my back out and made me pancakes in the morning. Sheeeiiiit.

    I’mma add that to the list of “must-haves”.

    I got 3 sisters and a mama. 

    My daddy used to put in ALL our relaxers.

    We’d be in the kitchen, Soft & Beautifulin it up, one after the other, 

    And back when we used relaxers as a barometer of beauty, 


    FOH with that qualifying masculinity shit.

    ankhs and fuck boys always looking for a reason cry emasculation. If she was helping him with his line up you’d be going on and on about how great this earth is.

    the same ones who sit in their mama’s basements with no girlfriend

    this is so cute…

    only a weak minded dude would see this as something negative

    a woman’s hair can be a very intimate space 

    they are on some next level shit that basic clowns won’t even understand lookin at this

    Always gotta ruin something beautiful with their comments. I used to line my ex up all the time and he would oil my scalp. I don’t see how something this intimate is dominating. But whatever makes you feel like a man lol.

    I feel sorry for that dude, he’s all emasculated with that bad ass tattoo and ripped arm muscles siting half naked on a bed with a beautiful woman. How embarrassing for him!

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  8. My mom just emailed me this selfie.

  10. Here buy this thing it’s great.