1. robdelaney:

    [REDACTED] asks:

    my friends in their 30’s are still trying to make their shitty bands happen. did i mention they’re in their 30’s? how do i get them to realize their dreams have essentially died and they need to stop for the good of humanity?

    2 things:

    -Statistically, their bands probably are shitty.

    -I was 33 when I started making a living exclusively through comedy, so statistics can suck my fuck. 

  2. jimchuck:


    what a time to be alive

    I need to spread the word.

    Science only obeys nature. She holds no other master.

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  3. apocalypanties:

    a Jazz Policeman

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  4. Howell is the worst place on Earth. Scumbags.


  5. inercia:

    How the guys from Spotify have been using such a “boring” technology like DNS for running their business. They have been using it not only for service discovery, but also as a distributed database where they put information like DHT ring information:

    As DNS is a high performance distributed database, we also use it for storing some service configuration data. In particular, we store DHT ring information in TXT records.

    $ dig +short +tcp _spotify-tracker-internal._hm.lon.spotify.net SRV | sort | head -n 4
    5000 5000 4301 lon2-tracker-a1.lon.spotify.net.
    5000 5000 4301 lon2-tracker-a2.lon.spotify.net.
    5000 5000 4301 lon2-tracker-a3.lon.spotify.net.
    5000 5000 4302 lon2-tracker-a1.lon.spotify.net.

    $ dig +short +tcp config._spotify-tracker-internal._hm.lon.spotify.net TXT
    “slaves=:0” “hash=sha1”

    $ dig +short +tcp tokens.4301.lon2-tracker-a1.lon.spotify.net. TXT

    Pretty clever spotify.

  6. The X-Files episode where they go on a pbs television show to uncover alien secrets from a stranger’s attic was the best.

  7. skeptictank:

    This show is so accurate it horrifies me.

    This show is so amazing.

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  9. Dallas Seavey wins! He came in to win with 7 of the 16 dogs he started with. He currently holds the record time for winning.
    Those dogs are going to get some well earned rest and lots of treats tonight I bet!

  10. funnyordie:

    Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: President Barack Obama

    President Barack Obama sits Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis for his most memorable interview yet.

    What the hell is happening.

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