1. Moose and a Malamute its like a real life cartoon.

  2. kellysue:

    I travel with a power strip and I share. I am a hero in airports.

    Just when you think people can’t get any cooler.


  3. Andy Daly’s “Review” Reviews Eating 15 Pancakes


    There are little surprises to what delving into the experience of eating 15 pancakes is truly like, but it certainly is funny to watch it get “reviewed”.

    That is what Forrest MacNeil/Andy Daly does in this latest clip of Review that you should watch before getting Sunday brunch.

    This show is going to send Daly straight to the top. To the top of what? Everything.

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  4. I love this so much. Louis has such brass.

  5. Part of the JASH network, TEACH is a show where Reggie Watts plays a teacher.


  6. thesnarkyschoolteacher:


    Spot on. I want to share this with everyone who has told me that I’m “too smart to be a teacher” and that I should “go to law school to do something that’s actually important” with my life.

    Worth the read.

    I needed to see this, especially this weekend. Great read.

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  7. "mozzarella firefox"

    my mom (via thankyoucorndog)

    I love parents and I’m bookmarking that one for a future username.

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    Queue Key and Peele doing competing browser names

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  8. Using this record to help get stuff done.

  9. From the nostalgia files

    Yup kids are dumb geez can’t even figure out how to use a tape player.


  10. First a warning! The modem sound auto plays.

    Now after that this is a wonderful article that really took me back to the early days of the modern internet. I’ve never really thought about those sounds and what they did, and am glad that I have an idea now.