1. Bruce Springsteen covers Royals

  2. hannibalhannibal:

    Ya’ll gotta get it together.

    What is a hippy capalists?

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  3. "Pi is transcendental, but the proof is beyond the scope of this course. Here’s a meta-proof: if there were some polynomial somewhere with pi as a root, it’d be famous and you’d all know about it. You don’t, so there can’t be such a polynomial, and hence pi is transcendental."
    — Galois Theory course, Professor Kevin Buzzard, Imperial College London (via mathprofessorquotes)
  4. From here

    I love the 400 Blows and I know its pretentious but it really resonates with me.

  5. theatlantic:

    Imagine Getting 30 Job Offers a Month (It Isn’t As Awesome As You Think)

    Web developers and engineers on the spammy economics of tech recruitment.

    Read more. [Image: Shutterstock/Eyeidea]

    I have an inbox full of recruiters who are indistinguishable from Turing Machines.

  6. Can David Byrne be any cooler? The answer will always elude us like the mystery of the expanding universe.

  7. Moose and a Malamute its like a real life cartoon.

  8. kellysue:

    I travel with a power strip and I share. I am a hero in airports.

    Just when you think people can’t get any cooler.


  9. Andy Daly’s “Review” Reviews Eating 15 Pancakes


    There are little surprises to what delving into the experience of eating 15 pancakes is truly like, but it certainly is funny to watch it get “reviewed”.

    That is what Forrest MacNeil/Andy Daly does in this latest clip of Review that you should watch before getting Sunday brunch.

    This show is going to send Daly straight to the top. To the top of what? Everything.

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  10. I love this so much. Louis has such brass.